meaningful client engagement

Are your clients engaged? 5 great ways to create meaningful client engagement.

(To find out, don’t look at their ring fingers. Look at your sales figures.) We talk a lot about the efficiency and operations of your company in this blog, but when you boil everything down, there’s only one thing that matters – YOUR CLIENTS. Because without them, your business doesn’t exist. And in today’s business[…]

CRM stands for Clients Really Matter

Actually, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, but it might as well stand for clients really matter, because they do. And a CRM system will help you show it. Regular readers of this blog know how important I think it is to collect client information – for everything including marketing, pricing, identifying your ideal client,[…]

Does your customer service sound like, “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

Be careful that’s not what you sound like when touting your customer service. Just about every small business on the planet claims to have the “best customer service.” And most of them think that, just by claiming it, they set themselves apart from their competition. But if every small business is declaring it, and all[…]