5 Ways to Ask Better Questions

Someone once told me that you’ll accomplish more by asking the right questions than having the right answers. Wait… what? It sounds counterintuitive, doesn’t it? So I thought about it. It’s true that nobody has all the answers; and many times when you think you have the right answer, you find you’re wrong, or there[…]

Leading Edge or Bleeding Edge of Technology?

I try to read as much as possible to keep up with the latest trends affecting banking, small business, and commercial real estate. One of the most prevalent themes in the articles, blog posts, books, and other headlines I run across is technology. Technology has become critical for small businesses to run and grow their[…]

Sure, you can handle stress, but can your budget?

You know me. I am all about strategic planning. I blog about it, talk about it, dream about it, blog about my dreams about it. I like strategic planning. I think it’s crucial for small businesses. So it is only logical that I would be a huge proponent of budgeting because that is one of[…]

CRM stands for Clients Really Matter

Actually, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, but it might as well stand for clients really matter, because they do. And a CRM system will help you show it. Regular readers of this blog know how important I think it is to collect client information – for everything including marketing, pricing, identifying your ideal client,[…]

Should you add a location?

Your business is humming right along. Things are going well. And then a thought occurs to you – “Should I open another location?” Don’t panic. You’re not going crazy. This is a natural part of owning a successful business. Many business owners just like you ask themselves this very same question. Sometimes because they need[…]

Repeat after me: “I will not be around forever.”

There. You just took the first step of succession planning. It’s a tough topic for most business owners. But it comes up a lot in the meetings I have with clients and prospective clients. So many business owners I speak with have put off the succession planning discussion for too long, and they know they[…]

3 Activities for A Happy New Year (New Business Year, that is)!

(Or rather, how to make it one.) I know, we haven’t even made it to Thanksgiving yet, but I’m wishing you a Happy New Year? Hey, at least I’m not the “Christmas decorations in September” guy. But now is a really good time to think about what you can do to make 2018 a great[…]